Custom House Plans

  • Custom home design allows you to help us create the home you have always dreamed of that meets you and your families specific needs.  Call us today at 573-783-5900 or email us to discuss our custom design process.
  • View examples and rear more ->

Pre-Designed House Plans

Renovations, Remodels & Additions

  • If you have an existing home that you would love to remodel, add on to or give a facelift.  Look not further.   View examples and read more ->

Builder Services

  • If you are a builder in search of production plans or need your existing plans and elevations refreshed & brought up to date with the current trends.  We got you covered.  Call us today at 573-783-5900 or email us to discuss your needs.

3D Renderings

  • Whether you add 3D Renderings to your home design package with Mark Hovis Designs or you have existing plans and what reassurance of what your project will look like before beginning construction.  Exterior & Interior 3D Renderings of your project can help assure you of the decisions you make during the design process.  View examples and read more ->

3D Animation

  • Residential and Commercial 3D Animation is a great visualization tool and a great marketing tool.  Bringing your project to life with 3D architectural animation not only allows you to experience and tour your project before it is built.  It allows you to market to potential customers and pre-sale the project before you even break ground.  View examples and read more ->

3D Interactive Experience

  • This efficient system of interaction gives you the ability to view your project in 2D plans and 3D models, from a PC or an iOS device of your choice, and to supply input in a collaborative process and to access the project from anywhere. Mark up drawings, add notes, and take a virtual tour of a house in full, panoramic 3D, all from the convenience of your iOS device.